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Hi there, I'm Dalena!

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a camera and I even have a home video of me chasing people around with one as far back as 20 years ago. I’ve been a professional photographer for two years now and computer nerd for most of my life. I quickly found my niche by creating fun images in Photoshop based around my son's imagination. I love combining my love of books, all things fantasy & fairytale, superheroes, comics, and more with my photography and Photoshop skills to create fun and unique images.

My husband Morgan and I have been married since 2012 and it took a long time before I finally had my son. My faith got me through some of the hardest things I've ever had to experience in the process of getting him here and that's one of the reasons why photography is so important to me. I don't want to miss a moment. He's my whole world and my little muse. He makes a cute little model too hehe!

Some of you may know me from working at Farm Bureau in Columbia, but not long ago I left my job to stay home with my son and pursue my photography business full time. I loved working at Farm Bureau and I met a lot of really nice people there. I'll admit that I'm actually a pretty shy person and a bit socially awkward. I hate that about myself lol... And I'm definitely a dreamer. When I'm not capturing moments or have my nose buried in Photoshop, you can find me spending time with my son and husband, working on DIY projects, reading, playing video games, or strolling through Hobby Lobby. Once I get behind my camera and get in that zone I come out of my shell. I definitely connect with other people the most through my photography. And it's because of that connection and passion that I'm able to create beautiful images for others.

Reviews and Recommendations

Brittni B.

“I set up a Unicorn session with Dalena and she was absolutely amazing! All the way from before we did pictures talking about what we would do and all the way to the end of editing pictures to make your dreams come to life in your pictures!!! She is a dream to work with! Stunning photos! You couldn’t ask for anyone better! Highly highly highly recommend her!!!!”

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I've been very blessed and honored by being published in multiple magazines and featured in many articles and groups:

International Kid Model Magazine, Brand Model Magazine, Pretty Little Poser Model Magazine, The Rogue Photographer Magazine, The Photograp[her] Magazine, Cozy Clicks featured photographer, Summerana Top Photographer, A Fine Portrait top 10 photographer, Portrait Painters top photographer and I hope there's more to come!

My small business is mostly ran through word of mouth. I appreciate every single person involved in getting me to where I am today. And I can’t wait to see what’s next in the future!